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SERVPRO South Cobb Generator

Being prepared for any job requires the ability to bring whatever equipment needed for an efficient, quick clean up. Generators like these help us arrive on the scene prepared for whatever kind of damage we need to repair to make it look "Like it never even happened."

How does SERVPRO know when material is dry?

A moisture meter is used to tell when the material is still wet from water damage. Sometimes materials may seem dry but the meters will say otherwise. It is in best practice to make sure all materials are dry before removing any equipment.

Storm Damaged in Smyrna Home

The flooding from this storm covered the floor of this home in Smyrna leading to severe wicking which destroyed the carpeting and drywall. Demolition and discarding of saturated materials are sometimes the only options. Drying out and preparing for a rebuild on the storm-damaged rooms follows.

Commercial Water Damage – Austell Restaurant

Commercial water damage resulted when a drain in the main food preparation area became clogged. SERVPRO was brought in to clean up the water and unclog the drain. The owner was very pleased to be back in business the next day.

Water Damage in South Cobb Apartment

SERVPRO of South Cobb uses advanced water damage inspection equipment to help them find the moisture and to remove it as quickly as possible. As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO of South Cobb provides 24-hour emergency service and is committed to being faster to any size disaster.

Fire Destruction in Cobb County Apartment Building

Fire restoration is not limited to family homes. We received a job from an apartment complex that suffered from particularly bad fire damage. One of the differences between commercial fire damage like an apartment building is that many more people are displaced from their homes. We had to create a strategy to quickly repair the damage and restore the building. 

Offices Are Also Susceptible to Storm Damage

Offices and buildings are just as susceptible to water damage as homes are. In this office, for instance, water damage brought working to a halt as the furniture had to be moved for restoration.

Our Awards Say It All

Take it from our past customers; we know what we're doing. We've been earning awards for our hard work and dedication to quality. When you hire us for your restoration needs, it will show.

SERVPRO of South Cobb Drying Equipment is Ready for Anything

We have more than enough equipment for any size project. Restoration means being ready for anything. No matter the surface area or depth of the water damage, we are prepared to take on your restoration needs. 

Storm Damage Can Threaten Your Safety

Storms cause water damage through leaks and floods, and sometimes that damage threatens the safety and stability of your home. The above photos demonstrate how a client had a missing ceiling in their living room. We worked to put them back into their safe, warm home.

SERVPRO of South Cobb is There For You

When water, fire, mold, or storm damage affects your building, don't settle for less than the best when restoring it. With access to this much equipment, you'll be set to return to business as soon as you call us, SERVPRO of South Cobb. We have everything you need, and more.

Directly Drying the Source

Sometimes water damage comes from places reachable past drywall and sometimes they're places we wouldn't have found without professional help. In instances like this, we'll get into hard to reach spaces to ensure quality drying and avoid further damage.

What is Flammable in Your South Cobb Home?

While we know that fire can easily spread through household objects, but it's more important to know what exactly these items are. We need to keep flammable objects away from outlets and fireplaces.

Use Your Smart Phone To Set Reminders

If you have difficulty remembering to turn off your stove, unplug your appliances, or anything else relating to fire safety, set a reminder! Most smartphones offer apps that can remind us after a set amount of time of anything. Use this to keep your home safe!

Storm Damage in Mableton Crawl Space

High winds and a lot of rain can affect the soil flooring and the insulation in the Mableton crawl space. Our crew did the storm damage clean up, dried out the enclosed area, sprayed antimicrobial agents, and then installed new rolled batten insulation. We do it all!

South Cobb Restoration Specialists

SERVPRO of South Cobb takes pride in being the fastest responders to any water and fire damage. With over twenty-five years of industry experience, we guarantee to provide the highest quality making your property disasters "Like it never even happened."

Restoring an Office Space

It is important to call water damage professionals when a school's or office has suffered from water damage. During this job, we had to restore the ceiling's water damage, as well as the floor. 

Water Damage by the Fireplace

We restored the water damage that had run through the wall, along the side of the fireplace. Because the water damage caused the paint to peel off, we had to restore the entire wall in that area.

Home Board-Up Services in Mableton

After a fire, there is still part of the house that can be saved. Our SERVPRO professionals know that it is important to board up windows to protect the home from other outside elements. 

SERVPRO of South Cobb Floor Installers

SERVPRO of South Cobb specializes in reconstruction after performing the restoration clean up. We have over twenty-five years of experience installing all different types of flooring. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Soot Cleaning in Cascade Heights

After a fire happens in a home there is always going to be a black residue that is left behind. That residue is known as soot. Soot particulates rapidly degrade all surfaces, including fabrics, upholstery, porous drywall, metals, and even glass.

House Fire in Austell Georgia

The house fire in Austell Georgia looked like a scene out of a movie. What happened was that a wall-heating unit caught a couch on fire and set part of the house on fire. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire damage. 

Roof Tarping In Smyrna

There isn't much time to keep a roof without the necessary protection to avoid further water damage. When storm damage leaves your home weak, call us to see how we can help you protect your belongings.

SERVPRO of South Cobb Uses Quality Equipment

SERVPRO of South Cobb invests in the highest quality restoration equipment to ensure your home is restored as if no water damage ever occurred. Air movers, dehumidifiers, even moisture detectors are all on-hand when we visit your home.

Fire & Smoke Damage--Cascade Heights

Fire damage is often not the most challenging harm to overcome in a house in Cascade Heights. Smoke, the noxious odors and the residue that coats all surfaces of a home require immediate and professional attention from a qualified company like SERVPRO. We can help since we are only a phone call away.

Water Damage In Atlanta

SERVPRO of Southwest Cobb / Cascade, a leader in the restoration industry, is the team to contact when you experience a water damage emergency. Our highly trained water restoration technicians use state-of-the-art restoration and cleaning equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition. We are available 24/7, and We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Cascade Heights

Water damage can be a thorn in the side of your business. Having to halt production can mean significant revenue loss, but the team at SERVPRO is here to help! Our team at SERVPRO is dedicated to bringing our clients a fast response time which will limit damage and reduce your restoration costs. When water damage is plaguing your commercial property, you can count on our technicians to “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Damage – Atlanta

Storm damage in Atlanta can reach “large loss” designation. When encountered with storm damage of epic proportions SERVPRO of Southwest Cobb / Cascade would respond with heavy-duty industrial equipment like that shown in the photo.

Mold Damage – Atlanta

Mold damage grew at this Atlanta home after the wall absorbed water damage from the adjoining bathroom. SERVPRO of Southwest Cobb / Cascade technicians are experienced at dealing with all types of mold.

Cascade Heights Water Damaged Ceiling

A water line that ruptures can cause significant damage to a ceiling in Cascade Heights. SERVPRO technicians can remove the soaked materials, including the insulation, and set up air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the affected area. Moisture meters are used to verify that normal levels are achieved.

Atlanta Unit Needs Fire Damage Cleanup

Homeowners and renters are often distraught when confronted with a burnt mess that destroyed furnishings and personal belongings. SERVPRO can mitigate the odors from permeating through the entire building. Discarding the non-salvageable elements, a thorough wipe down and cleaning, all lead to the occupants feeling better about this kind of incident. Count on us to help and relieve your stress.